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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Journey into Cloth- A Featured Fan Post!

We have a guest blogger this morning. :) Thanks for writing this morning's post, Terra!
Our Journey Into Cloth

By Terra J.

Before our oldest son, Keaton, was born, my husband suggested using cloth diapers. Since we knew that I would be staying home with the baby, I made a comment about how there was no way I was 'ever' doing that! We welcomed our son into the world and a few months later, my husband suggested it again. Once again, I was "never" doing that. "Well, maybe," I said, "if we had two in diapers...but...probably not!" About 6 weeks later, when Keaton was a mere 8 months old, I was eating my words - we were going to have two in diapers! I spoke with a few friends who I knew used cloth diapers and got the low-down. A friend was even generous enough to give me two diapers from her stash so I could see for myself how great they were! I quickly learned as much as I could about cloth diapers and we started diapering Keaton in cloth full time right after Christmas, when he was about 9 months old. My husband was thrilled to reap the savings of having a child in cloth! I was so excited to try out the newborn sizes on our second son, Benjamin.

He was a fast grower (or big eater, whichever you prefer!) and didn't stay in the newborn sizes very long. When Benjamin was about 3 months old, we made the switch to cloth wipes. I was so fearful of this change (still not sure why), but once we made that change, I couldn't believe we had waited so long! At this point, my husband was very excited to see the savings of two in cloth, not to mention, no more disposable wipes!

In not quite three years, I went from "no way, no how, not ever!" to"really, you should give them a try! They are so easy!" And although myhusband and I both love that we have made the switch, we have continued for different reasons. He, being the breadwinner for the family, sees most things in dollar signs, and has done all he can to make cloth diapering as easy as possible for our family so that we will continue to use them. In my researching, I quickly learned what disposable diapers consist of and what they do to our bodies and our earth - so for me it was, and is, a 'green' issue (ok, and cute factor, I won't lie!)

We've gone on to begin cloth diapering our third son, Caedmon, and we are watching the benefits grow even more!

All the diapers that we bought nearly three years ago, even used ones, are still going strong. Hook and loop fasteners may need fixed or a snap replaced here and there, but all worth it in the long run.

I am so thankful that I have a husband who is so accepting of cloth diapering - understanding too, that it isn't all about the dollar signs. He is as much of an advocate as I am for cloth, and will tell anyone who will listen how great they are!


Anonymous said...

i love saving $$ and spending that money on other goodies that we wouldnt have been able to afford if we didnt cd and use cloth wipes. we save soo much plus im just started using the diva cup. cha ching!! love all the extra money ;) thank for sharing you story mama

Mom of FIVE said...

This is great! I wish I would have looked into it more when my first was born and I had wanted to use cloth. I got some negative responses to the idea and just dropped it. Then along came children 4 and 5 who just decided they should arrive at the same time! There was no question I was using cloth with them! I was pleasantly surprised at how many options I had! We are still going strong after 9 months. It would have been sooner had I known about the preemie diapers!

Janine said...

Cloth wipes rock! I am just about to start my newborn in cloth (He is so tiny; none of the dipes we had fit until now!) but have been doing cloth wipes at least half of the time since he was born and really love them. He likes them better than the colder disposable wipes.