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Monday, October 4, 2010

An Interview with Christine of Baby Fables!

We’re kicking off October with an interview with Christine of Baby Fables. Christine makes some of the cutest baby onesie stickers you’ve ever seen! What’s a baby onesie sticker, you ask? Read the interview to find out! J

You can also click the links below to see them at her store! And because Christine is so incredibly generous, she’s offering free shipping to our blog readers. You’ll need to send her a quick message though to let her know so she can set up a special listing for you.


On to the interview!

1) Where do you live?

We live in Ontario, Canada.
2) A little bit about your family.

I have a 9 year old son who’s a GREAT kid and last year I re-married a GREAT guy (after being a single Mom for 7 years) and luckily was able to become the “stay at home Mom” every Mom dreams about 
3) Please explain what a onesie sticker is.

A onesie sticker is a clear sticker that is used to capture the growth and milestones of your baby. Each month stick one onto your baby’s shirt or onesie, take a picture and see each stage/milestone and be amazed at how much your little one grows and changes.
4) What is a bump sticker?

A bump sticker is made with the same premise as the onesie sticker only its for your pregnant belly! Stick them onto your bare belly or your tshirt and see how quickly your wee one (and your belly!) are growing!
5) How long have you been making your creations?

I’ve been creating for MANY years but just started making the onesie stickers this past summer.
6) Can any of your stickers be personalized?

All of my stickers can be personalized!
7) What items have become best sellers?

My best sellers do tend to change from time to time but for the girl’s it would have to be my Annabelle stickers and for the Boys I would say that the Rugged stickers would be right there at the top! Jungle Babies & Polkadots are also hot sellers and are very gender neutral.
8) How many hours a day do you devote to filling etsy orders?

I really had NO idea my stickers would take off the way they did. I spend about 10 hours a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) working on filling orders and creating new designs.
9) If there were more hours in the day… what would we find you doing?

Well of course I’d spend more time with my family but I love what I do! I’m able to still be at home with my son (and luckily my “office space” is in the main room where EVERYTHING happens) and that’s what is most important to me.
10) Any dreams of growing Baby Fables?

Baby Fables is already an extension of my main business which is paperpartydesignco.etsy.com. I started that company nearly a year ago creating birthday party items and it grew from there to encompass clothing dividers and then Baby Fables was born! I’ve recently added waterproof labels to my shop and I’m sure they’ll be more baby items coming in the future.

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