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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Crafts on Thursday!

We’ve all seen the small ornamental pumpkins at the store, right? I know my family always ends up buying a few, but what can you do with them that’s fun and creative?

I found another craft idea on the Family Fun website here: http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-crafts/halloween-decorations/bat-o-lanterns-674621/

Again, the picture, along with the idea, comes from the Family Fun website! Enjoy!

Black acrylic paint
Ornamental (miniature) pumpkins
Black and white craft foam
Wings,ears & eyes template
Hole punch
Glue dots
Black duct tape
Wooden skewers
1. Cover your work surface with a drop cloth or newspaper, then paint the pumpkins. Allow them to dry completely.
2. For each bat, choose a style of wings and eyes from the template.Then, trace and cut out two identical eyes from the white craft foam and use the hole punch to make pupils. Adhere the eyes to the pumpkin with glue dots.
3. Cut a matching pairs of ears and wings from the black craft foam (our wings are about 6 inches long). Attach the ears by taping a toothpick to the back of each one, leaving about 1 1/2 inches of the toothpick exposed, then inserting it into the top of the pumpkin.
4. Finally, tape a skewer to the back of each wing, leaving a 2-inch point exposed, and push it in place.

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