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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A FuzziBunz Review with Martha!

1.Tell us a little about you.

Hello, I am wife to a great husband and mom to an adorable son (who will turn 1 at the end of September) I live and work in the greater Boston area and was able to cut back work to 4 days a week, and my one day off with my son is the best.

2.How long have you been cloth diapering?

I’m quite new to cloth diapering and started about a month ago. Talk about obsessed! It’s the most addictive habit I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve even created a blog to enter giveaways and follow reviews of these types of products.

Side note: it is nice though to have an environmentally responsible that also is nice to the wallet.

3.Which FuzziBunz products have you used?

So far I have just used the FB one sized pocket diaper. And while the Joey-Bunz is from Baby Kicks, I have used that as well.

4.If you’ve used both, which do you prefer- the perfect size or the one-size? Why?

Only used the one size, but I’m feeling like I could buy a large perfect size as my kid grows. We’ll see.

5.Any products you want to try and haven’t yet?

I also am buying the cloth wipes from Wee Little Changes with the great deal this week.

For my next kid, if I am able to nurse, I would probably want to try their nursing pads.

6.Any products you’d like to see FuzziBunz make?

I’d be interested in seeing a small wet bag that holds 1-2 diapers.

7.What’s your favorite diaper color?

Stand alone, I love the apple green, but on my kid, the Watermelon is super cute and it looks fabulous with our sports paraphernalia (go Pats and SoxJ)

8.What’s your favorite feature of the one-size diaper?

Well the FB diaper is pretty awesome. You can feel the quality right away and I almost bought my whole stash right then. (the hubby had to interject at this point and made me promise to at least put it on my kid first)

But best feature for me is the adjustable legs. My baby is tall and skinny and its’ nice to be able to have a snug leg fit.

9.Are there any features about either of these diapers that you don’t like and would like to see changed? What are they?

Sure there are always parts that can be improved. My top 3 are
1. Add some fun prints – superficial but I would buy them even if my stash was complete
2. Allow for a hemp upgrade on purchase instead of only providing a microfiber insert
3. I think the back elastic is a little hard on my sons skin, maybe use a softer elastic or softer material around that elastic.

10.What drew you to the FuzziBunz diaper initially?

I would say the initial draw to FB was finding out that one of my co workers and being able to share my new diapering obsession with him. He basically said that he wishes he knew about them at the beginning because he loves them and made his whole stash FB.

Then I went online and there really aren’t any bad reviews for the FB and most of the reviews include FB as the nighttime diaper of choice, which the cloth diapering process has revealed to me, is important for me and my super soaker.

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