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Monday, September 6, 2010

Make Your Own Diaper Cake!

We’ve all seen the amazing diaper cakes you can get made now adays. But some of them are pretty pricey. I’ve got a solution for you! Make your own. You can use disposables or cloth, but for my example, you’ll see a cloth diaper cake as it's made and a disposable diaper cake at the top of this post.


Thin ribbon, yarn, or string for tying
22 (or so) cloth prefolds or flats
Extras for decorating like snappi’s, bath tub toys, pacifiers, etc.
Thick ribbon
Dowels, pencils, or anything else thin and durable to create stability between layers
Something to put the cake on that transports easily such as a cake plate or cardboard

What to do:

1. Fold each of the cloth diapers in half (I’m using infant and premium prefolds) and then roll them up.

2. Use enough ribbon to tie a tight bow around the roll to hold its shape. Repeat this until you’ve rolled all of your diapers.

3. Bundle 3 of the rolls together and tie them together as well, being sure to point your fold toward the center of the group to create a cleaner appearance. Set aside.

4. Bundle 7 rolls together and tie them together, again being sure to point the fold inward for a cleaner look. Set this aside as well.

5. Bundle the last 12 rolls together and tie them together, again being sure to point the fold inward for a cleaner look.

6. Tie the thicker ribbon around each of the three bundles being sure to cover the thinner ribbon.
7. Take your cake plate or cardboard and lay it on a flat, firm surface placing the 12-bundle upright on top. This will be your bottom layer. Push a pencil or dowel through the center of the layer and carefully place the next layer on top so the dowel goes through it as well. This will secure the two layers to one another. If you need to, get another dowel and arrange it so that the second layer and the top layer (going on next) will be secured as well.

8. Place your final layer on top of the cake, being sure the dowel goes through the center.
Decorate your cake any way that you want. You can use large toys, stuffed animals, bath tub items, diapering items, etc.

For my cake, I used two different colors of thinner ribbon simply because it is what I had on hand here at home. I made the cake using items I already had since I was making it only for demonstration purposes.

For the decorations, I hung several snappi’s, added a rubber duck to the top with a peepee teepee on his head for a hat, put a sample of Rockin’ Green on, and several other items like a thermometer, a nasal aspirator, some bath soap, and a wash cloth.

For the base, I put a regular cardboard box down and covered it with a blanket that I crocheted for my daughter when I was still pregnant with her. This would be a great little addition to the diaper cake if you’re giving it as a baby shower gift or even as a combined present from several women for a new baby.

Adding up the cost of the items I used, I would say this cake would cost me roughly $60 which is pretty pricey. I’ve made one from disposables that cost significantly less than that at just $20. What you use to make the cake and what you add to decorate can really make the price higher or lower. I could have made this cake cheaper if I’d used flats rather than prefolds and added some less expensive decorations. So it’s really up to you. Split between several women, $60 is nothing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment for me on this post! I'll do my best to answer them. :)


hannah said...

Great idea! I love the look and idea of diaper cakes, but I hadn't seen one made with cloth before.

Kristi26 said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

If anyone makes one, can you post your pic on the facebook page? We'd love to see it!

baby gifts said...

Of all the diaper cake tutorials I've seen, this is my first time to see a diaper cake made by cloth, it's actually a great idea. Very clever! I've been thinking of making this for my friend's baby shower, so thanks for getting me more motivated to do it! Thank you for putting these easy to follow instructions up. :)

Kristi26 said...

Thank you, baby gifts! I'm so glad you found it helpful. :)