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Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Interview with FuzziBunz!

1. Where do you live?
Lafayette, Louisiana

2. A little bit about the family of FuzziBunz. How many employees etc?
The FuzziBunz family is ten years old and we have 12 employees.

3. What is Tereson's (the creator of FuzziBunz) background in? (former job or study in school)
BA in Child and Family studies from University of Louisiana

4. What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about her?
She loves to cook!

5. If there were more hours in the day… what would we find her doing?
Probably doing volunteer work or cooking in her kitchen.

6. Where can we find FuzziBunz in the next 5 years?
No telling - but stay tuned! Hopefully, in far more stores with a far more extensive line of products.

7. Anything new or exciting you want to share?
We are adding new products that will appeal to a variety of people that we are really exited about.

8. Are you surprised at the growth rate of the company and the popularity of cloth diapers over the last few years?
No - I am not surprised. We doubled our growth every year for five years and the industry is really taking off due to a variety of factors.

9. What misconception about cloth diapering would you love to de-myth?
That they are hard to use - they are so easy. Also that they take more water and detergent and energy to use. FuzziBunz throw that notion out the window.

10. FuzziBunz has so many wonderful products! Is the one-size or sized diapers better sellers?
The One Size - it is a very green and economical product. We can't keep them in stock.

11. Can we expect more great colors and prints to come out in the future?
Yes you can count on that.

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