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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A FuzziBunz Review by April

My personal favorite diaper!

1.    Tell us a little about you.
I own Wee Little Changes and am as crazy about cloth diapers as the next person.

2.    Why do you choose to cloth diaper?
For many reasons, and the number one reason keeps changing.  At first, it was my child had eczema and I tried to only put organic materials on him.  Then, it was because they are just way too cute!  And now, it is because of all the money we save and all the diapers we keep out of the landfill.

3.    Which FuzziBunz products have you used?
Diapers, wipes,  and changing pad.

4.    If you’ve used both, which do you prefer- the perfect size or the one-size?  Why?  Love the one-size.  It is much more adjustable and I just don't see any extra bulk with them.

5.    Any products you want to try and haven’t yet?
Maybe the mama products.

6.    Any products you’d like to see FuzziBunz make?
I would love to see them come out with some fun prints and an organic/hemp insert.

7.    What’s your favorite diaper color?
Hmmm…  tie between kumquat and apple green.  My red head looks great in those two colors!

8.    What’s your favorite feature of the one-size diaper?
How adjustable it is.  Any shape/size of baby can use this diaper with great success.

9.    Are there any features about either of these diapers that you don’t like and would like to see changed?  What are they?  The older version had this problem but I have not had any issues with the latest version.  The extra elastic curling up and having to stick it back in the hole.  No big deal, just annoying.

10.    What drew you to the FuzziBunz diaper initially?
One-size pocket with great reviews.

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