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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Party Savings Tips

Have you attended a lavish birthday party for a child lately?  It seems these days that people are throwing down some major cash to have these one-of-a-kind parties.  If you are like me, you probably don't have an extra $500 bucks laying around to put towards your child's next party.  You can still throw a great themed party without breaking the bank!  There are lots of ways to have a well thought out and fun party that doesn't warrant a trip to the store. 

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Host a party in your home, backyard or local park
  • Make it a drop off party (age appropriate, can cut down on the amount of people/food you have to provide for)
  • Make your own cake/cupcakes
  • Ask a friend/neighbor to snap lots of photos
  • Have the kids make their own pizza
  • Have the kids decorate their own cupcake or cookie
  • Visit your local fire department to get hats

 Craft ideas:
  • Decorate a foam frame w/ lots of foam stickers (found at local craft store)
  • Have the kids draw/color their own party hat or mask
  • Good old fashioned coloring is always fun
  • Plant some seeds in a little pot or recycled yogurt container
  • Have the kids decorate their own goodie bags

Goodie Bags/Take Home Party Favors:
  • Kids take home whatever craft they made
  • A little plant or seeds they can plant in their yard
  • Handmade playdough
  • Coloring pages/crayons
  • Make your own personalized books about each guest
  • Healthy homemade snack
  • If you have a photo printer, pictures of each child having fun at the party

These are just a few ideas, as the possibilities are endless!  Remember to think age appropriate.  Little ones find so much delight in the small things and won't even know (or care) if everything matches or not!  You child's birthday party is a celebration, so don't miss it by worrying if everything is perfect!

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Kristi26 said...

Great ideas, April! And those cupcakes are cute! Thanks for sharing. :)