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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Emotional First Day of School (For Mothers)

Sending kids off to school whether it be to preschool, kindergarten or college are monumental events.  Since my child has attended a preschool for the last couple of years, I thought Kindergarten would be no big deal.  I didn’t really understand when I heard other mothers say that they cried so hard on that first day of school.  One group of mothers even organized a boo-hoo breakfast for moral support.  Trying to not be judgmental, I wondered if they were sad, happy or a combination of both?  

I have always been proud of my son’s self-confidence and ability to separate from me when called to and figured sending him off to school would be no different.  Well, it is now time for me to send my first-born child off to Kindergarten and I must admit that I feel a bit emotional.  We went to the school’s open house the other night and got to meet his teachers and see the classroom etc.  You would have figured that his excitement would have been my emotion too but… As I was speaking to the teacher, all of a sudden there was a huge lump in my throat and I found myself fighting back the tears.  How could this be?  What is this?  

Wondering why I was suddenly so emotional, I later realized that I do indeed feel both sad and happy.  I am so excited for him to have more independence and make new friends, but at the same time, very afraid that I won’t be there to protect him and experience every minute of his day.  I am sure that the experience of this special day is indeed very different for each child and mother.  As for me, I do know that I won’t be attending the boo-hoo breakfast with the other mothers tomorrow, but I am sure that I will shed a tear (or two) on his first official day of Kindergarten.  I think it is just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself to really get it (just like being pregnant, giving birth, nursing, bonding and the other million wonderful experiences that make us mothers).  Good luck to all those mommies out there sending their little babies off into this crazy world!  

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Kristi26 said...

Thanks for sharing this, April! I think you've captured the emotion of the first day of school so well!! :)