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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Bratsacks Review by Kristi

Vacation was only 2 weeks away and the diaper bag we had for Ian was way too big to be toting around. I needed something smaller. But what? I looked at all sorts of bags online but couldn’t find any that I loved. I wasn’t really sold on buying ANOTHER diaper bag. How much use would it really get?

And then my best friend suggested I look for a toddler backpack. Perfect! He could wear it himself in the years to come. It would get plenty of use. But which one? I started my online search at google but came up with very few I thought were cute enough to actually buy.

10 days until vacation and still no backpack. I asked an online community where I’m a member for some great toddler backpack ideas and one wrote just one word in their response. Bratsacks.

Bratsacks? What is a Bratsack? I googled it and found it easily and oh my word, I fell in love instantly! These adorable backpacks are toddler-sized (there’s a big kid option too) and made-custom-entirely from corduroy. I searched through all the available backpacks and found one I loved almost immediately. In fact, I found about half a dozen I loved but had to choose.

I ordered Ian’s Bratsack and sent Jessi an email asking that she send it ASAP and explained that I needed it for vacation, less than 10 days from now. It was after 10pm when I sent that message and I got a reply in minutes! She not only agreed to send it right out the next day, but she also promised to upgrade my shipping to really ensure it would arrive on time! Talk about amazing customer service! She went above and beyond what was expected of her just to make me happy.

And when the Bratsack arrived just days later, I was extremely happy. It was even cuter in person than it was online! I immediately tested it out, filling it up with all the stuff Ian would need while he was in his class on vacation. Here’s what I got inside the toddler backpack:

-A plastic travel wipes case
-2 premium prefolds
-an extra one-size cover
-a spare pair of shorts (size 12 months)
-2 toy cars
-a small wet bag

Talk about roomy! It doesn’t look like it would hold all of that, but it truly does. Sometimes we even squish a baggy of snacks and a small cup on top of all that.

Our Bratsack has also proven to be durable. We haven’t been very gentle with it. With four kids, it’s hard to encourage gentleness with much of anything. We’ve put it on the stroller using the handles. I’ve gotten it on my 15 month old, my 4 ½ year old, and even my 7 ½ year old!

And we didn’t stop using it when vacation was over. I thought we’d go back to our Baby Star tote when vacation was over, but I love the Bratsack too much to switch now. We’ll be using this bag for a long time to come!

Thanks for all of the love you put into it, Jessi! It shows!

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