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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's Manufacturer of the Month!

It's July already! And with the new month brings a fun and exciting new Manufacturer of the Month. This month, April and I have chosen...

Amy and Ilana from Applecheeks!

Since it's July and there's lots of swimming and fun in the sun going on this month, Applecheeks was the perfect choice. Their swim diapers are amazing! As usual, we'll start things off with an interview and have some fun reviews and giveaways throughout the month so stay tuned!

On to the interview:

1. Where do you live?

Amy and I are both proud residents of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2. Tell us a little about you and your family.

I've just given birth to my third daughter and Amy is due in November with her fourth child. She has three sons. We're both dedicated and very attached mothers, practicing extended breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering and co-sleeping, to name a few principles. And in spite of all that we have in common, we actually make for very complimentary business partners!

3. What is something (about you) that would surprise our readers?

I'm actually a graphic designer by profession and had no business experience before starting up my first venture with Amy, a baby boutique. Live and learn!

4. What is your background in (former job or degree in school)?

See above!

5. If there were more hours in the day and you could do anything in them, what would we find you doing?

Oh, you'd find me soaking in the tub reading library book after library book, or running 5km like I did before I got pregnant with my third. Oh, wait, are these entirely fantasy hours or am I supposed to be more realistic? If the latter than you'd probably find me keeping on top of my laundry! I cant' believe how much five people generate, even with diapers that contain what they're supposed to!

6. What cloth diapering misconception would you love to de-myth?

That it's too much work to even consider. See above. If you're not using cloth then you're spending a LOT of time treating stains from diaper blowouts.

7. Anything exciting or new in the works that you want to share with us?

Our very own Flushable Liners will FINALLY be available at the end of July!

8. What are your hopes for Applecheeks in the next 5 years?

I'd like to see us become a household name worldwide like some other brands. We're not too far off, I'd say, thanks to all our amazingly supportive fans out there!

9. What makes your swim diaper different and better than the others out there on the market?

Our Washable Swim Diaper is one of the only ones with snap closures, which means that you get a trim fit with no sagging. Also, our double-layer, quick dry, moisture wicking sports means no crunchy, hard plastic liner, which means a very comfy fit! And the fact that our diapers fit so well means that poop stays IN the diaper and out of the pool.

10. Why are all of your inserts made from bamboo? How did you choose it as opposed to some of the other options on the market now?

When we first started out we had cotton flannel, hemp/cotton and bamboo options, but we quickly found that cotton alone did not meet the needs of our customers. We discontinued those inserts, and two years later, after much deliberation and feedback from our customers, we realized that as performance-wise hemp and bamboo were equal. As our Canadian-made bamboo is now custom-milled we have better quality control and we were not able to guarantee the quality of the imported hemp fabric. Lastly, too much choice is overwhelming to our customers, so one choice that we can fully back makes sense on a whole lot of levels!

1 comment:

Mom of FIVE said...

I love my AppleCheeks. Wish I could buy more! I only have 3 in size one but will soon be needing size two for my twins.