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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An AppleCheeks Swim Diaper Review by April

1.     Is this your first experience using a reusable swim diaper?  If not, what type/brand did you use before?  Last year I just used an old cover when we went to the beach and used a disposable swimmi when we went to the pool.  So, I was delighted when AC first announced this new swim diaper option.

2.     What features makes the AppleCheeks swim diaper stand out from the others out there and made you want to try it?  I liked that it was made out of mesh and it looked more like a fitted.  The water moves freely through the diaper in the water and has an excellent fit that would hold things in right where they need to be.

3.     How old is your darling son or daughter?  My DS is one and change.

4.     Have you experienced the diaper in action?  Aka….did your little one have a BM while in the water?  Nope, but he did in the bath tub the other night… but no swim diaper on.  Big mess.

5.     Do you add anything absorbent to the diaper before your baby enters the water?  Or, do you change them immediately before entering the pool/ocean?  I usually stick a Grovia booster pad in there.  It is very light but does the trick for the short ride to the beach/pool.

6.     Is there anything you would like to see changed on this swim diaper to make it even better?  I would love to see AC add some sort of snap-in absorbent piece to this diaper for the times when you are not IN the water.

7.     How much money do you think you will save this summer by not having to buy disposable diapers for swimming (swimmis)?  A LOT.  We go to the beach or swimming pool every weekend and also sometimes during the week.  We could easily go through a bag every two weeks or so.

8.     Have you tried any other AppleCheeks products?  If so, what product and how do you like it?  I have not yet, but really want to.  Their diapers have such a cute fit.

9.     Would you recommend this diaper to a friend?  Absolutely.

10.  Is the price right on or too high?  I think it is very reasonable considering you may even get two or more seasons of wear out of it.

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