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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bamboo 102

On Thursday, we talked about where bamboo fabric comes from and how it’s made, what makes it so eco-friendly, and why it’s so great to use as a diaper fabric. Today, we’re going to cover the different kinds of bamboo fabric available. There are pros and cons to all of the different types. I’ll site my sources at the end of this post so you can check it out for yourselves.

After reading a lot of articles and websites about bamboo fabric, I’ve found three that are the top used in diapers- bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, and bamboo terry. These are mostly available online, but you can occasionally find them in local fabric stores.

Bamboo velour is probably the most popular bamboo fabric available. It’s super soft and absorbs moisture very well. When it gets wet, it is still fairly comfortable to wear. In fact, many parents report that their sensitive skinned child can only handle this fabric (3). It’s used in both the inner and outer layers of diapers. However, if this is your first diaper-making project, keep in mind that a lot of people find it very difficult to work with (1).

Bamboo fleece is one of the easiest bamboo fabrics to work with sewing-wise, especially for a beginner. It’s more stable than the bamboo velour and used as the absorbent layer most often but it can also be the outer or inner layers as well. It has a fuzzy side and a flat side. It’s up to the person sewing the diaper which way it will be sewn- fuzzy side toward or away from baby. Putting the flat side out on the outer layer makes it easier to dye it (1).

Bamboo terry is great for making prefolds among other things (4). It has loops on one side and is flat on the other. The loopy side snappis and pins well. It also has some stretch to it. Mostly I’ve found that bamboo terry is a mix of bamboo and organic cotton. As I said in Bamboo 101, this makes the fabric sturdier and more cost-effective (3).

I hope everyone enjoyed our talk on bamboo. Next week, we’ll move on to a discussion on hemp, since BabyKicks has hemp inserts in their diapers. It should be fun!


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