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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Babykicks Review by Lindsay

1. Which BabyKicks products have you used?

The bumboo pocket

2. How long have you been using them?

2 weeks (my little one is only 5 weeks old)

3. Which products are your favorite and why?

I only have the bumboo, but I like it. The only thing is that when it’s snapped down, it’s hard to fasten the side snaps, but it works like a charm.

4. Would you recommend this diaper to a friend?


5. Are you excited for the new colors coming out or are you a fan of the plain white?

I love colors, but the white are nice because they bleach so well on the line

6. Have you ever tried the Bumboo Pocket overnight? If so, how well do you feel like it did?

It worked well, he was in it for about 4 hours and no leaks!

7. Is there anything you wished BabyKicks offered?

AI2s, I like just replacing the insert when it’s just a little wet/dirty instead of having to wash the whole diaper.

8. Are there any products you want to try but haven’t yet?

I’d love to try the nursing pads.

9. Have you used your Joey-Bunz insert in any other brand diaper?

Yes, I had to tuck it in a little, but I love the Joey-Bunz. They take a while to dry(on the clothes line), but that means they absorb EVERYTHING!

10. Do you prefer to use hemp inserts to microfiber?

I really don’t have a preference, as long as it holds everything in.

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