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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Babykicks Review by Kristi

I stumbled upon the Babykicks brand by accident when Ian was just a couple of months old. I was trying to find a thinner option to our night diapering issue. I was triple stuffing a diaper with microfiber every night in hopes of it lasting all night. You see, if Ian got changed in the middle of the night, he was up for at least an hour after that. The middle of the night party had to stop.

I’d read about hemp and its ability to hold a ton of liquid without being overly bulky. I had to give it a try. So I visited one of my favorite cloth diaper stores at the time and bought a couple of different brands to try out on Ian. One of them was a Babykicks. At the same time, I bought a couple of Babykicks hemp wipes as well. Up to that point, I had only one kind of cloth wipe and I wasn’t loving it.

After all of the initial preparation (you have to wash and dry hemp by itself at least 4 times to prep it), I gave the wipes and doubler a try and wow! First, the wipes worked better than any I’d ever tried- but remember, I only had the one kind at the time. I’ve tried a whole bunch of different ones since then and I can honestly say, I still love those wipes. The doubler worked great too. It was the first night that Ian didn’t suffer from “giant bum syndrome.” You know what I mean. It’s when that baby bum looks like its own planet. Lol. We kept using the hemp doublers every night after that.

Fast forward nearly a year from those first days with hemp. I got a Bumboo pocket to try out. The prep was long and drawn out again, but I knew from prior experience that it would be worth it. Four washes later, Ian was wearing his new bumboo. The con of this diaper has to be the bulkiness. It gave my son a giant bum when he has absolutely none to speak of on a normal day. But, it held a ton of pee, was super comfy for him to wear, left zero red marks on him anywhere, and is a snapping diaper rather than aplix (which I am slowly coming to love in a pocket).

I also have it set to the medium setting (blue to orange snaps) which is true to what he wears in other diapers, so I’m happy with the sizing of this diaper. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like the pocket up front, but surprisingly it’s better! Poop almost never gets that far up in a diaper so you don’t ever have to touch the poop or worry about it sneaking in the pocket and getting on the insert.

All in all, I’m glad I tried this diaper out. I actually wouldn’t mind adding a few more to my son’s stash. I love that it’s organic and so gentle on his skin. We haven’t had any smell problems yet as often happens with microfiber (as opposed to the hemp that this insert is made from).

And in the words of Lavar Burton from Reading Rainbow, “don’t just take my word for it.” We’ll have a bunch of reviews this month from other customers as well.

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