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Friday, June 25, 2010

A BabyKicks Review by Heather!

1. Which BabyKicks products have you used?

I have only used the hemp pre-fold diapers, but I love them!

2. How long have you been using them?

They were the first cloth diaper we purchased before Xavier was born. We have actually been using them (and not just admiring them on the shelf) for 8 months.

3. Which products are your favorite and why?

Since I have only used the prefolds they are my favorite. :)

4. Would you recommend this diaper to a friend?

I already have!

5. Are you excited for the new colors coming out or are you a fan of the plain white?

I haven’t used any of the white dipes, but I always love more colors!

6. Have you ever tried the Bumboo Pocket overnight? If so, how well do you feel like it did?

I haven’t. I use the pre-folds though as an extra insert for night time!

7. Is there anything you wished BabyKicks offered?

I would have said a variety of colors, but those are coming.

8. Are there any products you want to try but haven’t yet?

I would love to try the fitted diaper w/ Joey Bunz and also the nursing pads.

9. Have you used your Joey-Bunz insert in any other brand diaper?


10. Do you prefer to use hemp inserts to microfiber?

I LOVE that the pre-folds are hemp. They are so absorbent! I use them for EVERYTHING. They have been used as they were intended, but I also have used them as an extra insert for other brands of diapers for overnight. They are also the best ever for burp cloths. Actual burp cloths and other brands of non-hemp prefolds couldn’t stand up to my baby boy’s reflux like BabyKicks could!

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