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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A BabyKicks Review by April

1.     Which BabyKicks products have you used?
I have used the Bumboo Pocket diaper and the Joey Bunz insert (each diaper comes with one large insert).
2.     How long have you been using them?
I’ve been using them about six months.
3.     Which products are your favorite and why?
Love, love, love my Joey Bunz inserts!  I love that they fit into not only my Bumboo, but also into all of my other pocket diapers perfectly.  It makes it easy on laundry day since I don’t have to match up each insert with its corresponding diaper.
4.     Would you recommend this diaper to a friend?
Yes, I would recommend the Bumboo to anyone that appreciates natural fibers in a diaper.  It is also a great diaper for those babies that are prone to diaper rash.  The fleece gussets allow air to circulate through without compromising the function of the diaper.
5.     Are you excited for the new colors coming out or are you a fan of the plain white?
Always a fan of color, but the simplicity of this diaper are refreshing and goes with everything.
6.     Have you ever tried the Bumboo Pocket overnight?  If so, how well do you feel like it did?
This diaper passed the night test but had to stuff it with more than one insert.
7.     Is there anything you wished BabyKicks offered?
I wish they offered some plain covers to go over their fabulous Hemparoo fleece prefolds.
8.     Are there any products you want to try but haven’t yet?
I still want to try their organic fitted diaper.
9.     Have you used your Joey-Bunz insert in any other brand diaper?
Yes, it fits perfectly into just about all of the most popular pocket style cloth diapers on the market today.  My Joey Bunz inserts spend a lot of time in my FuzziBunz diapers at the moment. 
10.  Do you prefer to use hemp inserts to microfiber?
I prefer hemp because it is so absorbent but yet so trim.  I did recently just learn that it is best to wash your hemp products (including Joey Bunz inserts) in a liquid detergent because it is gentler to the fibers and dissolves more readily in the washing machine.

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Kristi26 said...

Oh my word, that picture of your DS is so, SO cute!!! I LOVE it! :D