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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Babykicks Interview with owner, Stephan!

1) Where do you live?
Salisbury, MD (most of the time)

2) A little bit about your family
‘Weltenbummler’ is probably the best term to describe our family – we are at home, away from home. We are originally from Leipzig, Germany and after much moving around in the world have settled in the US. It’s a great place to be for young Entrepreneurs.

3) What is your background in? (former job or study in school)
I studied International Business at University. But I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and we, as a family, jumped at the chance to purchase BabyKicks several years ago – because we believed in the product and love the ‘green’ aspect of the business.

4) What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?
I don’t have kids yet – but will be, arguably, one of the best prepared dads when it comes to diapering.

5) What are your hopes for BabyKicks in the next 5 years?
We hope to keep expanding the business and continue to launch exciting and innovative new products.

6) Anything new or exciting you want to share?
We want to make being green and cloth diapering fun and exciting. So we are always making new videos and manufacturing new products to fit everyone’s lifestyle. It’s hard to say where it will go from here, but we plan to keep introducing new ideas that will hopefully help set the standard for natural living and natural babies.

7) What misconception about cloth diapering would you love to de-myth?
Grossness, complication, and expense. First and foremost is the “gross factor”. I don’t think most people realize that CLOTH DIAPERS DO NOT MEAN TOUCHING POOP! Yes, they need to be stored, and yes, they need to be washed. But, that doesn’t mean every time a diaper is changed that there will be big blobs of poop going everywhere, on everything and on everyone. Or, that it will be going into the washing machine and getting all over their clothes. It really is much simpler than that. Second is complication. Yes, diapers that need to be folded just right and pinned are still available. But, there are so many other options available now, such as our Bumboo Pocket, which makes using a cloth diaper practically as easy and convenient as using a disposable one. With cloth there is no running to the store at the last minute because the baby needs diapers. Last, is expense. When parents are new to cloth they may look at a $15-$20 diaper as a large expense, especially when a minimum of about 24 are needed to cloth diaper full time (without washing everyday). But, the overall savings, at an average of over $1000, are phenomenal! Plus, cloth diapers can be used on consecutive children because they last, and that will increase the savings significantly.

8) If there were more hours in the day… what would we find you doing?
I would set up a non-profit organization for students and play basketball.

9) Could you briefly explain why hemp inserts stand above the rest?
Hemp is natural rather than synthetic. It is antimicrobial. And, it is more absorbent and durable than cotton. It is eco-friendly and thrives without the use of chemicals and it has been used for thousands of years because of its versatility and dependability.

10) Weren’t the Joey-Bunz inserts originally created to fit into Fuzzibunz diapers? Can you tell us what other brands of diapers that the Joey-Bunz hemp inserts will fit in?
Yes, JoeyBunz were originally designed to fit Fuzzibunz cloth diapers. They were also made from hemp and organic cotton muslin. Now they are made with hemp and certified organic cotton jersey or fleece, which are much softer. Over the years we have figured out that our JoeyBunz work well with every diapering system available including all in ones, all in twos, pockets, fitteds, and hybrids. We have even had parents use them in disposables as a barrier to keep the chemicals from coming in direct contact with their child’s skin. Our JoeyBunz are truly versatile and many parents have suggested that they are a staple in every diaper stash. We like to agree with that. :)


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Wo! He lives in our home town

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Love the look, would love to try!

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It's even cuter in person and oh-so-soft. :D