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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sugar Baby Bows Review by Kristi

For my review, I checked out the mini-corker hair clips. I used them on my darling daughter, Lily, who is four.

The first thing I noticed about the clips was how absolutely adorable they were! I had a hard time choosing the set I wanted, all the colors were so great. I also waffled between the mini-corkers and the safari set. Both were so cute.

The first time I put them in Lily’s hair, I couldn’t believe how well they stayed put! Lily has the finest hair I’ve ever seen on anyone. I believe it’s even finer than my baby’s hair. We struggle with keeping any kind of hair device in her hair, including those rubber bands that come 300+ in a pack and claim they don’t slip. So when I heard about these, I simply had to try them out! Could it be that I finally found something that won’t slip from her hair?

The answer? I have no idea. Lol. We tried them a couple of different days and every time I turned around, my daughter, who simply adored them, was adjusting them just because she liked that she could take them out and put them back in all by herself. They were definitely easy for her to use.

And because I had to know how they felt, I tried them in my own hair too. They really stayed put very well without feeling like they were pulling on my hair. I had no pain or discomfort from these as occasionally happens with other hair accessories. They were nice. They were just there.

So the long and short of it is this. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who has a little girl. Whether they have short hair or long, fine or thick, these work for everyone.

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