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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Skinny on Gripzies!

Sugar Baby Bows uses Gripzies to make their hair bows no-slip, but what is Gripzies? Here are some common questions and answers about the product, found on the Gripzies Wholesale website here: http://www.gripzieswholesale.com/FAQ.html

1. What materials are used to make the HairGripper/GripZies?

All the materials used to package and to make the HairGripper/GripZies! are free from toxins and latex. In addition to using environmentally safe materials, our foam is designed to conform. Our research indicates that latex materials are not suitable for this application which is commonly found in shelving liners, cosmetic sponges, and other various foam/sponge materials.

2. How does the HairGripper/GripZies! work?

The preferred embodiment of HairGripper/GripZies! works by utilizing a soft resilient foam material that "conforms" to the inside of clipping apparatus; it expands and contracts and fills in the gaps commonly seen when there is not enough hair or hair is fine. When there is not enough hair to fill the clipping apparatus; shifting, slipping, sliding, and in most cases pulling occurs on the few strands the clip does grab and is usually uncomfortable making you want to reposition or remove the clip all together.

3. My daughter will not let me put clips in her hair. Any suggestions?

With the HairGripper/GripZies! in your clips, your daughter may not even realize the clip is there. It is light weight and has a gentle balanced grip and it does not pull on the one strand the clip (without the HairGripper/GripZies!) does grab and may cause discomfort due to shifting.

4. How long does the HairGripper/GripZies! work?

We have HairGrippers from the testing phase (January 2003) that still work.

5. Will the HairGripper/GripZies! stick to my daughter's hair?

No. The HairGripper/GripZies! was designed with comfort in mind. We found rubber type products tend to stick or bind to hair and can possibly cause breakage or discomfort.

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