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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monster Fluff Size, Which One is Right for Your Baby?

Choosing the right size cover can be tricky if you don’t know how it’s done. What is the rise? How do you figure it out? And what about measuring the thighs and the waist? Where’s the right place?

Monster Fluff Size Chart
xSmall: 16 1/2"Rise 14"Width 7-9"Thigh

Small:18 1/2"Rise, 16"Width, 16-20"Waist, 9-11"Thigh
Medium: 20"Rise, 18"Width, 17-21"Waist, 10-12"Thigh
Large: 21"Rise, 20"Width, 18-22"Waist 12-14"Thigh
( Keep in mind fleece is not quite as stretchy as wool interlock.)

What’s my Baby’s Rise?

To figure out the rise needed for a fleece cover, it’s best to put your baby in a prefold, flat, fitted, or whatever else you’ll be using most often underneath your cover. In my case, it would be a prefold. Once baby is in a prefold, measure from the top of the back of the diaper all the way up between the legs to the top of the front of the diaper. This is your baby’s rise.
Another way I’ve done it that works pretty well is to lay out a cover and measure from one end to the other. I already knew that it fit him properly so whatever number I got from that would also be right for another cover.

What about the Waist?

The waist measurement should be done around the part of the belly where the diaper will lay, most often just under the belly button. Be sure to keep the tape measure level all the way around.

And why does the size chart show two numbers? It isn’t to be confusing. They are just telling you what the measurement is when the cover is at rest and what it is when the waist is stretched as far as it will go. So if you have a baby with a waist measurement of 20 inches, the small likely won’t fit much longer if at all.

And the Thighs?

Again, the thighs should be measured where the diaper or cover will lay. Nowhere else.

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