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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monster Fluff Cover Review by Kristi

When I was still pregnant with Ian, my fourth baby but first almost exclusively cloth-diapered baby, I looked at a lot of options. One of them was prefolds and covers. That led me to find Hyena Cart and Monster Fluff Studios. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe how cute these covers were! But I was on a strict budget, not to mention unsure about using prefolds and covers. So I didn’t buy one then.

Fast forward to April of this year. Ian is turning one on May 15th. I’ve finally gotten a monster fluff cover to try out. It’s tan with an adorable Archie on the backside. It’s also used but in excellent shape, just a little pilly. I’ve looked at all the monster options on the Monster Fluff site and I think Archie has to be my favorite of all of them! However, it would have been much harder to choose had I gotten a brand new custom cover instead of a used one.

The first time I put it on him, oh my goodness! His little bum was just too cute for words. I took pictures. Bunches of them. The cover fit really well too. It didn’t make his bottom look overly large and wasn’t gapping all over the place either (which is no small feat since Ian is long and thin). We got a medium, which I figured might be too big, but like I said, it fit really well and I think he’ll be using it for quite awhile yet.

So it’s cute and it fits well, but would it leak or wick moisture on other things like the carseat or the carpet? That’s what I really wanted to know next. And the answer I got was no, not at all. I’m not a mom that changes diapers on a constant basis. Of course he gets changed immediately if he poops, but he’ll often go a couple of hours between changes if he’s just wet, especially during naps when we’d still use this cover. I never got him out of bed soggy or with a wet spot on the crib sheets.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this cover and would love to try a brand new one. I’d also love to try out the shorties and the longies, and maybe even get a monster fluffie for little Ian. If you haven’t tried these or haven’t even heard of them before this week, you should really check out their store: http://www.hyenacart.com/monsterfluffstudios/


Unknown said...

I was considering switching to cloth diapers, but the wet part conserns me, so thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Kristi26 said...
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Kristi26 said...

You're welcome! By "the wet part" do you mean the wet getting all over everything else or the wet being against the baby too much?

If it's the first part, in my experience, our cloth works better than disposables. I've had more leaks on days that we needed to use disposables than any day in cloth.

If it's the second part, using a prefold with wool or fleece is much more breathable and allows air to get to the baby's bum. This is especially nice for those with a rash or other skin issues. It just means that you need to change more often. You can also add a fleece liner to give it a stay dry effect.

To get the same "stay dry" effect from your cloth as you get from a disposable, it's a great idea to try pockets. They are topped with fleece or suede most often which pulls the moisture away from baby and into the insert inside. I absolutely love bumgenius as far as pockets go. We use the one-size diapers, which fit from 7-35 lb on most babies.

Hope that helps you out! :D