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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspired by Finn Review by Kristi

Several weeks ago, I was checking out the Inspired by Finn store and facebook pages, wishing I had some amber. I’d heard that it was great for all sorts of pains- teething, menstrual symptoms, headaches, joint pain. I wanted to give it a try, so I contacted the wonderful people over at Inspired by Finn and signed up the WLC website to do a giveaway and review!

Then the real effort started. I had to choose a necklace or bracelet to review! But they were all so gorgeous. How could I choose just one and what would it be? I looked and looked for several days before finally settling on a round honey necklace. I chose the 19” so that I could wear it in a variety of ways- necklace, anklet, or even bracelet.

When it arrived, it was even more beautiful in person than it was on the computer screen. I couldn’t wait to try it out and wear it all the time! Even if it didn’t work as well as I’d heard, it would be a nice piece of jewelry to add to my collection; but I really hoped it would work.

Several days later, I got my chance to try it out. Normally, I have headaches in the days leading up to the start of my time of the month. And when it starts, I get a lot of cramps and discomfort. I had none of that this time! It was wonderful to go that week without any of those symptoms. I’ll definitely be wearing it again next month.

Another benefit? When my little guy nurses, he pinches at my collarbone. Yep, right where a necklace lies if you’re wearing one. With my necklace on, he plays with that instead of pinching me! And it’s not like I would just let him pinch me either, he just kept doing it no matter how many times I pushed his little hands away. He’s persistent. So it’s nice to have something to distract him.

All in all, I really liked our amber. I would love to get a teething necklace or even an anklet for my little man to see if it helped him during teething as well.

What about all of you? Anyone else have an experience they want to share about their amber?

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