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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hazelwood Necklaces for Eczema?

I had seen a child wearing a “teething” amber necklace before, so I was somewhat familiar with the benefits of wearing one. And, the name of the company has since been stuck in my head, “Inspired by Finn.” But to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of an infant wearing any jewelry around their neck for the obvious choking hazards. After researching the Inspired by Finn jewelry line and seeing that they were CPSIA certified, it put my mind to rest a little bit. They also have a disclaimer that reads, “This necklace has small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years old. Children should be supervised while wearing the jewelry, and the jewelry should be removed from the child's neck when he/she goes to sleep.”

Their jewelry line goes far beyond little one’s “teething necklaces.” They have a wide selection of healing jewelry for adults as well. Depending on your condition, you can choose to use amber or Hazelwood. These therapeutic necklaces and bracelets have helped many people who suffer from arthritis, chemo, headaches, reflux, constipation and eczema to name a few. If you are skeptical, you can read some people’s testimonials on their website.

My little one has eczema and has been going through a major flare up recently, so out of desperation I was hopeful that he would receive some natural benefit from wearing a Hazelwood necklace. I used our blog coupon code and received 20% off this Hazelwood necklace.

Although there was no small miracle of healing, I do feel like it helped with the eczema around his neck and head/face area. And, he looked pretty cute wearing it around. In case you haven’t already noticed, I am a little bit of a worrier, so I have made it a priority to take it off while he sleeps. Still not sure? They also make anklets, which is a great alternative!

Written by April


Unknown said...

Very cute! I am stopping by from the cloth diaper board to follow along! Stop by mine sometime! I have a huge cloth diaper event coming soon! You can grab some early entries now though!


Miranda said...

Many of my friends have them and they take them off at night too. I do have one that leaves them on her children. I'm to much of a worrier and wouldn't leave it on my child during bedtime and naps though.

oompaloompalove said...

I absolutely love it, I think it is a great idea and would love to try it, I would def remove it at nap/bedtime though!

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