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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dani’s Sugar Baby Bows Review

1.Which Sugar Baby Bows products do you have?

I have a hat with a large flower, a couple of headbands, and quite a few hair clips that I can use on the hat, headband, or just in Aurora's hair.

2.Which is your favorite?

My favorite is a little pink flower clip with a gem in the center. :)

3.What do you think of the Gripzies (foam product to help prevent slipping)?

The Gripzies are AMAZING!!!! I could not use the clips without the Gripzies because my daughter is lacking in the hair department.

4.How old is the child that uses the Sugar Baby Bows products?

My daughter, Aurora, is almost 15 months old.

5.Do you think they work as well for a child with little hair as they would for a child with a lot?

Well being that Aurora does not have much hair, I know that they work wonderfully!!! I know that a good friend of mine has a clip for her daughter with long hair and it looks cute on her as well.

6.How well do your Sugar Baby Bows hold up and function?

So far they hold up great with my 15 month old playing with them.

7.Do you wish she offered anything else? What?

I can't think of anything...

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