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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Rockin’ Review by Lauren

1) How long have you been cloth diapering?
Since my first son was born. So, 19 months. I had another son 3 months ago, so now we're diapering 2!
2) Were you battling with stinky diapers before you discovered Rockin Green Soap?
Yes... we had a VERY strong ammonia smell. We had previously been using All Free & Clear. Let me just say here, this detergent is NOT recommended for cloth diapers! After learning this I switched to the bumGenius detergent. This did not help as much as I expected. It would probably have been fine for regular use without adding stink issues, but it didn't take away my stink issues.
3) Did you see or smell any changes in your diapers when you switched? What were they?
Yes, absolutely. My diapers had been super stinky and kinda rough feeling. After the first wash in RNG they had NO stink and were B-E-A-utiful again.
4) How long have you been using Rockin' Green detergent?
About 4 months.
5) Which do you use, classic or soft rock?
6) Do you have a favorite scent? What is it?
We actually have only tried Unscented so far, but I've been leaning toward some fragrances next time.
7) Any scents you want to try?
Mm-hmmmmm... I want to try Lemon and Cherry Lemonade and Vanilla Buttercream. Ooooh and Cherry Almond. Yummm.
8) Any you wish she had?Some kinda of mint maybe... like a York Peppermint! :)
9) Have you tried "rockin a soak" yet?
YES! Just did it and my diapers are beautiful and smell - well, like nothing! perfect. I did almost forget that the bath water was running and was very close to having a very wet bathroom floor... but imagine how clean it would have been after I mopped up all the rockin water!!!
10) Would you recommend Rockin Green to a friend?
I already have, several. And I'm getting ready to hand out samples to others CDing moms @ church. :)

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