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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Rockin' Review by Jessie

1. How long have you been using Rockin Green Soap?

About 6 months

2. Were you battling with stinky diapers before you discovered Rockin Green Soap?

Not too bad, but when I “tested” by just running a wash with water there were soooo many bubbles! So there was definitely a detergent build up.

3. Did you see or smell any changes in your diapers when you switched? What were they?

They didn’t smell like anything when they came out of the dryer. They weren’t stinky before but they had a very slight odor right out of the dryer.

4. How often do you do your diaper laundry?

Every other day

5. Which do you use, classic or soft rock?


6. Do you have a favorite scent? What is it?

Cherry almond right now, but I haven’t been able to try all the scents yet.

7. Any scents you want to try? Any you wish she had?

I really want to try Monkey Snacks next, but I wish she had something citrusy

8. Do you use Rockin Green on other laundry or just cloth diapers?

Sometimes I use it on David’s swaddlers, especially if he has leaked through his diapers at night

9. Have you tried "rockin a soak" yet?

Definitely! Even though it didn’t seem totally necessary at the time, I’m really glad I did.

10. Would you recommend Rockin Green to a friend?

I would and I have! I have told all my friends about it, even if they don’t cloth diaper ;)

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