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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Rockin' Review by April

1. How long have you been using Rockin' Green detergent?
About six months. I was not necessarily unhappy with the brand I was using before, but once I tested Rockin, I haven’t even considered using anything else.

2. Were you battling with stinky diapers before you discovered Rockin Green Soap?
I had some issues but a lot of it had to do with my high efficiency washing machine. Since it uses so little water, it was not rinsing the diapers enough to get them clean. Rockin Green website has some recommended washing/rinsing cycle suggestions for each particular brand/model of machine that is a great reference!

3. Did you see or smell any changes in your diapers when you switched? What were they?
They just smelled fresher. Like good, as if you “wanted” to sniff them over and overJ

4. How often do you do your diaper laundry?
I probably average doing a load every couple of days. I am embarrassed how many loads of laundry my family makes a week including clothes and all. What is a couple more?

5. Which do you use, classic or soft rock?
I was hesitant to try any of the scented ones since my baby has extremely sensitive skin, but tried the baby powder and he was fine. I am really looking forward to the new hard rock made specifically for hard water!

6. Do you have a favorite scent? What is it?
Hmmm. Right now, it is probably the Buttercream scent.

7. Any scents you want to try? Any you wish she had?
I haven’t tried all the fruity ones since I usually don’t prefer those, but they sure are smelling real good lately.

8. Do you use Rockin Green on other laundry or just cloth diapers?
It is a must to use on my bath towels. I was battling stinky towels for awhile and nothing worked until RgS. I also sometimes use it on my baby’s clothes.

9. Have you tried "rockin a soak" yet?
I have not had a need to rock a soak yet, but I like that option if the need arises.

10. Would you recommend Rockin Green to a friend?
Without a doubt – yes! I also have been letting people know that it is the cure for stinky bath towels too!

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