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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Knickernappies Review by Rebecca

Rebecca writes her own blog called Becca's Cloth Diaper blog! Check it out here: http://www.beccasclothdiaperblog.blogspot.com/

1.How long have you been using Knickernappies?

I've been using Knickernappies for about 4 months

2.Which products have you used?

I have their OS diaper with the Loopy Do insert, and I also have their breast pads.
3.Which Knickernappies products are your favorite and why?

I love love LOVE the Loopy Do insert. It's so absorbent and the first place we go for night diapering. I'm also a huge fan of their breastpads. I have seven pairs and see no reason to ever try anything else!

4.As far as the diapers go, do you like the sized or one-sized diapers better and why?

I prefer one-sized diapers because you buy less diapers throughout the course of a child's diapering days that way. It seems more frugal to get all one-sized diapers.

5.What’s your favorite diaper color available?

I like the chocolate. It's a nice, neutral color that goes with many outfits for both boys and girls!

6.Have you ever tried them overnight? If so, how well do you feel like they did?

As I said, I love Knickernappies for overnight. We don't actually like the way the diaper fits and we HATE putting it on her because we despise side snaps but the benefits of having such great absorbency at night outweigh the negatives of the side snaps and a fit that isn't exactly great.
7.Is there anything you wished Knickernappies offered?

I wish they had diapers that don't side snap. If they did, Knickernappies would be my favorite. Right now, I have a love/hate relationship with them. GREAT for absorbency, TERRIBLE because of the snaps.
8.Are there any products you want to try but haven’t yet?
I can't think of any products of theirs that I haven't tried and want to. I do want more Loopy Do inserts, though. DEFINITELY my favorite!!!


April said...

Thanks Becca for an honest review! We appreciate it:)

Beccalynn said...

no problem!