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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Knickernappies Review by April!

1. How long have you been using Knickernappies?
About six months.

2. Which products have you used?
I have used the One-Size diaper and the Microfiber, LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts. I have also heard great things about the mama products, although I haven’t tried any myself.

3. Which Knickernappies products are your favorite and why?
Love the One-Size with either the LoopyDo insert or the SuperDo insert. I am all for One-Size diapers in an effort to save money by not having to buy multiple sizes etc. Both the LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts are made of hemp and microfiber materials. The inserts are so trim and nice and wide in the crotch area without adding too much bulk. Another nice feature, is that they are sewn in a circle instead of all sandwiched together and makes drying time so quick compared to other hemp inserts. And, the SuperDo insert is currently rated #1 on Diaper Pin (http://www.diaperpin.com/). It gets better… they are prewashed! No need to prep and wash your inserts a million times before being able to use them!

4. As far as the diapers go, do you like the sized or one-sized diapers better and why?
I have only tried the One-Size.

5. What’s your favorite diaper color available?
Well, my favorite is Raspberry, but I don’t have a girl to wear that colorJ So, I would say it is a toss up between Chocolate and Spring Green. All of the colors are very bright and cheerful.

6. Have you ever tried them overnight? If so, how well do you feel like they did?
This is currently my go to diaper for night use. I usually use the SuperDo along with a Microfiber insert to get my little guy though a full night of slumber. I am not sure if it because of the wider crotch area, the insert combo or the side snap closure that makes this pocket diaper work for many hours, but it does for us…for now. And that makes this mama happy!

7. Is there anything you wished Knickernappies offered?
I wished they had this same diaper in a front snap closure instead of side snap. I am just more used to putting on a front snapping diaper (or have had more practice anyway).

8. Are there any products you want to try but haven’t yet?
The mama products.

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