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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Choosing My Newborn Stash

I jumped on the cloth diapering band wagon a little late. In fact, my THIRD child was just about to turn two and was so very interested in the potty when it finally happened. I decided to get a couple of pockets for her for overnight. Just a few nights, and I was hooked.

So when we found out we were expecting again, I couldn’t wait to announce my plans to my husband. He was anything but excited about cloth diapering but reluctantly agreed. I looked at everything I could find online and was immediately overwhelmed by all of the information.

There were so many different kinds of diapers- prefolds, flats, contours, and fitteds that needed covers, all-in-ones (aio), one size pockets, sized pockets…and then there were the fabric choices- fleece, wool, pul, suedecloth, microfleece, microfiber inserts, hemp, bamboo, organic, velour. The list went on and on. As if that wasn’t enough, there were different closure choices too. You could choose to use aplix (Velcro) or snaps on a pocket, fitted, or aio; you could use a snappi or pins on a prefold, contour, or flat. How did a new mommy decide what to buy? And what on earth did I really need??

All the websites and stores I visited said I should get around 2 dozen diapers to start. Some suggested more, others less. Some also suggested a newborn stash while others implied that I wouldn’t need that.

My head was spinning after just three months of research. I had no idea what to do. Everyone liked something different. I read reviews that praised one diaper and another that said they’d never use it again. Many would say there was a fit problem or that they leaked every single time. Things weren’t getting better or any easier to understand.

Finally I had it. I needed to start making a decision. I couldn’t continue to do research and buy nothing. Eventually, the baby would be here and he would need some diapers! So on Black Friday, I placed my first official order for our baby boy. I got a four-pack of bumGenius diapers for an amazing price. I knew at that point from past experience that I liked the BGs. We’d used them on our daughter as she potty trained and never had a problem. But I also knew that I wanted to give others a shot. So I bought several different brands and styles as I built my stash.

By the time Ian arrived in May, his stash was complete. Here’s what we had:

3 dozen bumGenius flannel wipes
1 large wet bag
1 small, zipping wet bag for the diaper bag
1 trash can for use as a diaper pail
3 small happy heiny pockets
2 small Drybees hybrid all-in-ones
1 small bumGenius all-in-one
6 indian prefolds (Cottonbabies)
14 bumGenius one-sized diapers
1 Happy Heiny one-sized pocket
2 Blueberry one-sized pockets
3 hand-made fleece covers
2 Dappi nylon pants, newborn size

We had the recommended amount of diapers, but we most definitely didn’t NEED that many. I’m telling you, we changed our son about 7-8 times during the daylight hours and only once over night as he’d be wide awake as soon as that wipe touched his tiny bum. We didn’t want him staying awake any more than necessary. We easily could have had just 16-18 diapers and washed every other day. But it was nice to have the extras just in case we couldn’t get to the laundry.

So when it comes time to choose your perfect diaper stash, try not to let all the information overwhelm you. Decide for yourself what you want from your diaper stash. Do you want them to work like a regular disposable diaper? Then choose an all-in-one with aplix. Do you want them to work like a disposable but have a shorter drying time and you don’t mind the extra stuffing? Then pick a pocket. Want it to fit for a long time? One-size is your ideal choice. Need it to last through lots of kids? Snaps! Need it to be cheap? Maybe you should try prefolds or flats with covers. I love our Flips!

Whatever your decision, it’s yours to make. Ask your friends. Ask your family. Get all the advice you want, but in the end only you know what will work best for your family and you are the one that has to change all those diapers!

After ten months of constant use and lots of new diapers, I’ve discovered something. There is no perfect diaper for us. We adore our bumGenius diapers and nine times out of ten I’ll grab that one first, but I also really like using the simple prefolds and covers some days too. I go back and forth. What about everyone else? What do you all use the most?


Mom of FIVE said...

I too use pockets mostly love my BG pockets and the AIO that I have I like too besides the dry time. But before I grab my BG I grab my Nubunz! But like you I like to use my prefolds some days too. Like today is a prefold day for my twins in their Flip covers and the econobums. It took me until the twins to do cloth and I three older ones!

Jill said...

If I have another newborn, we will add more prefolds and covers, and perhaps some more fitteds (probably one size) as well as more snap one size diapers! We will get a variety of things. I wrote about my newborn experience here:


April said...

Kristi - that little man of yours is so precious!!! That little round face!

Back to topic:) I totally agreee. It is kind of nice to switch it up a bit. I can't imagine having 24+ diapers?! That would be nice:)