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Friday, April 2, 2010

April's Manufacturer of the Month

April is here and with it, a new manufacturer of the month! I'm so excited to share this one with you. Drum roll, please! And our manufacturer of the month is...


Yes, the company who has brought us so many great products like their one size diaper, mama cloth, and LoopyDo inserts! According to our own lovely April who owns Wee Little Changes, "this diaper paired with the superdo insert is a great night choice."

On to the interview!

1) Where do you live?

We live in Springfield, Oregon

2) A little bit about your family…

I think this is on the blog post, but here are a few details. You can always ask me for more! My husband and I have been married for 10 years, our daughter is almost 5, and we’re expecting a son in June. We live in Springfield, Oregon, and love to go hiking and camping during the summers.

3) Was Knickernappies born out of your own frustration to find the perfect diaper including all your favorite features?

Actually, no. We’re probably one of the few diaper companies that wasn’t started this way! We were using diapers that we thought were fine, but I was looking for a diaper pattern to buy, one that specifically had excellent fit, top notch reviews, and the potential to provide for our family. After a few months, I found Knickernappies, a tiny but well-respected diaper company. We bought the patterns and the name in April 2006. Six months later we re-introduced Knickernappies to the world! Since then we’ve made several changes to the patterns and added the OneSize diaper. We’ve also added lots of inserts and accessories.

LoopyDos, SuperDos, and the menstrual pads were my own designs, built to meet a specific need that my daughter or I had. She was a heavy wetter who needed both hemp and microfiber, and I needed a pad that was easy and didn’t require different sizes.

4) What is your background in? (former job or degree in school)

I have a degree in Forest Management from Oregon State University. I worked a few summers, but have never held a permanent job in forestry. Once I graduated college, my husband and I started a brick & mortar bookstore, which we owned for several years before closing it after our daughter was born.

5) What is the one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

I’m a terrible designer! LOL It took me almost 2 years to complete the OneSize diaper design and 2 years to finish the menstrual pad design. Now I’m working on some other things but REALLY wish I could hire a professional designer. It’s just not my forte and it takes me forever to get something ready for market.

6) What are your hopes for Knickernappies in the next 5 years?

We have a lot of products that we’d like to add, so hopefully we’ll be offering everything needed for cloth diapering within the next few years. We also plan to keep everything we make 100% Made in America. This is getting harder as more of our competitors go overseas, but we’re really committed to keeping our products made here in Oregon.

7) Anything new or exciting you want to share?

We haven’t had a diaper tester in our house in a couple of years due to fertility issues. We’re excited to finally be adding a Manager of Diaper Testing in June! He is due June 12 and I already have stacks of diapers just waiting to be tried out.

8) What misconception about cloth diapering would you love to de-myth?

The myth I disagree with the most is that cloth diapering is hard. So many parents that I meet remember the diapers of yesteryear, with the folding and the pins and the stinky wet diaper pail. So much has changed! I think every parent should have the opportunity to at least see modern cloth diapers. They are so easy these days and by far, most parents I talk to wonder why they didn’t try it sooner.

9) If there were more hours in the day… what would we find you doing?

Working! I work 6-8 hours a day already, but with a child and one on the way, it’s hard to stretch enough to get everything done. That’s true with every mom, I know. Thankfully my husband works at home with me and he’s great with making lots of time for playing. It helps a lot to have a full-time partner at home.

10) There is a lot of buzz flying around about the one-size and people are loving the hemp inserts. Are you surprised by how successful your company has become in such a short amount of time?

Yes! It shocks me. Four years ago we had one diaper pattern available in three sizes. Now we have about 2 dozen products available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. We have products for mama, two separate diapers, four types of inserts, doublers, diaper sprayers, etc etc. I am so blessed by our customers, our retailers, and the way Knickernappies has grown over the past 4 years.


Julie said...

Just saw this and added to today's Knickernappies Sighting post over at the KN Blog! :)

Finn's mom said...

I really am excited to start to use cloth diapers and hope I win the contest to see if Knickernappies are ones I want to purhase. Yippie. Tammy