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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who is behind Wee Little Changes?

Isn’t it weird when you interact with a business via email or Facebook and it can seem so personal but yet you never see a face? Aren’t you a little curious who is behind that logo? Yes, I hate that too…that’s why I want you to get to know me.

Hi! My name is April; my family and I own and operate Wee Little Changes out of Wilmington, North Carolina. I am just your ordinary mom trying to figure out this parenthood thing and doing the best I can. My husband and I met at college in 1995 and were married two years later. He is my rock and I truly love him dearly. We have three wonderful and crazy boys that keep us on our toes. I think we live a pretty good life. I don’t know if it is from moving to the south and a slower paced lifestyle or just becoming a mother, but I feel like life is so much simpler now than ever. It is not about where you live, the house you live in, the job you have, or anything else, but the love of your family that is most important. I mean I knew that before but I really get it now.

Wee Little Changes was dreamt of after my third son was born. It was quite ironic really. I think I wanted to go back to work but I really didn’t. I am fortunate enough to have that option and I am grateful for it! I started using cloth diapers when I realized my son had eczema and was irritated by just about everything that he came into contact with. It didn’t take me long to get sucked in to the world of cloth diapering; I loved every minute of it. There is such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that by diapering your baby with cotton instead of paper (and a bunch of other nasty stuff) that you are helping them, protecting the environment, AND saving money. No brainer for me! And then, all the styles and colors… I had to try them all! So, the story goes.

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on cloth diapers, but rather know what worked for us and have learned so much from networking with others. The thing I enjoy most about this job is the interaction with other mothers. I love to troubleshoot and help them find that nighttime cloth diaper solution they so desperately need. There are so many options out there and very little community support. I am hopeful that cloth diapers will continue to be an “in” fad. I am so excited to see what the next few years have to offer in the world of cloth diapers. How much easier could it get? I guess they could wash themselves?!

I hope to make some friendships through this blog and laugh A LOT!


Cecelia said...

Wouldn't it be great if sposie dipes were the fad, and it dies out soon? :-)

Cecelia said...

Wouldn't it be great if sposie dipes were the fad and it dies out soon? :-)