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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Rockin' Review from Jenn!

1) How long have you been cloth diapering?
I began using cloth diapers (pocket diapers, Fuzzi Bunz) when my oldest was born in July of 2002. Along the way and 4 kids later, we have used everything from pocket diapers to fitted to prefolds and wool.
2) Were you battling with stinky diapers before you discovered Rockin Green Soap?
My diapers were not stinky, persay, but they did not have that fresh smell to them especially during cold weather when I could not line dry.
3) Did you see or smell any changes in your diapers when you switched? What were they?
Yes! They did smell much fresher!
4) Which do you use, classic or soft rock?
I use classic rock.
5) Do you have a favorite scent? What is it?
So far I really enjoy the grape soda scent. And I also have to add that I love how the detergent is lightly scented going into the wash yet my diapers come out smelling nothing but *clean*. I know a lot of main stream detergents have very strong scents that linger (and make me sneeze!) but Rockin' Green does not have that thank goodness.
6) Any scents you want to try?
The Mango Sorbet looks interesting.
7) Any you wish she had?
I would love a non food scented detergent. Like something with sandlewood or patchouli. And although its a stretch, I love the smell of the former Lagerfield perfume "Sun Moon Stars", I would for sure order that! As far as "food scented", peppermind would rock as well as something citrus-y like orange, lemon or lime.
8) Have you tried "rockin a soak" yet?
I have not.
9) Would you recommend Rockin Green to a friend?
I have and continue to do so. Got my sister to order a bag as well as several other friends for their regular clothes.

I also want to add that we use this detergent full time now and I am hooked! My diapers made of sherpa and organic velour really showed a difference after just one wash in Rockin' Green...the fabrics were much more plush and softer. It was really amazing. I've been using only "earth friendly" detergents for years now and this is the first one that really works for my clothes and diapers, you have a fan for life, Rockin' Green!

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Anonymous said...

This was a fun review to read! I love Rockin' Green too and that it smells great but that smell rinses out. Have you tried their Athletic Wear formula? It's so great for any workout gear you have, from running clothes to jiu jitsu gis!