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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Interview with Kim of Rockin' Green Detergent!

This month, we're starting something fun on the blog called "Manufacturer of the Month." And our first interview is with Kim of Rockin' Green! We adore Rockin' Green! April sent out some questions for Kim and this is what we got back. Happy reading!

1) Where do you live?

I am a Texas girl at heart, and live in San Antonio. We have the best Mexican food here and it’s summer 11 months out of the year!

2) A little bit about your family

I’ve been married to my best friend, Jeremy for going on 9 years. We have two energetic little boys. Jackson, just turned 4 and Zachary is a year and a half. Both were cloth diaper babies.

3) Was RGS born out of your own frustration to have clean cloth diapers?

Oh yes! When I first started using cloth diapers, I think I stripped my diapers at least once a week. I tried using detergents that I found at the store, and battled rashes, stinkies and repelling every day for about 6 months. There would be nights where I would be up googling things or doing searches on diaperswappers till 3am trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I actually fried a washing machine, because I did like 30 plus washes in a row trying to get my diapers to smell better!! We opened the case up and there was transmission fluid or whatever makes it run…LOL all over the inside of the machine. Then I started ordering different detergents online that were supposed to be ok for cloth diapers, and had even more trouble because nothing worked in our hard water.

I am a huge advocate for cloth diapers, and I tried to convert most of my friends in our local playgroup. But it got to the point where they would order their diapers, and then two weeks later they would want to quit because they couldn’t get them washed properly. And I felt horrible for not having a real solution for them.

4) What is your background in? (former job or degree in school)

I have always been a computer nerd. I started off working for Gateway computers and the Salvation Army teaching computers to kids and the elderly to get me through college. It took me over 8 years, but I finally got a degree in marketing, and spent my years pre-kids doing graphic design and marketing work. Once I got pregnant with my oldest, I wanted to stay home with him full time, so I started taking on freelance writing projects and did that for about 3 years. I also had a cloth diaper website on the side, which is where Rockin’ Green first made its debut. And eventually it got to the point, where all I ever sold was soap!

5) What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

Hmmm….that’s a tough one. Maybe that I actually hate doing laundry. I am ok with washing clothes, that’s easy. But the actual putting away of the clothes, forget about it. Right now there is a mountain of clothes on my living room floor that needs to be put away. And I can bet that 3 days from now, that pile will still be there. You will often find my kids jumping into the clean laundry like a pile of leaves.

6) What are your hopes for RGS in the next 5 years?

Oh my favorite question! In 5 years, I would love for my husband to be able to join me in the company full time. It is a family business for sure, and he works full time at his day job and then works his tail off making sure that we have enough supplies and soap to get us through the next day. We have plans to finish out our laundry lineup, and then move unto cleaning supplies and a few other surprises. So there are plenty of things floating around in my head that I can’t wait to see on the shelf. And then overall- just getting our products into more cloth diaper stores to make it easier for the community to find and use Rockin’ Green. I would love to see our products in a national chain like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, and then into International markets as well.

We would also really like to build our own plant someday, all solar powered with all the eco-friendly trimmings. We just moved into our first office (as in my husband is there right now putting the flooring down!) so that is going to give us the ability to store more inventory and keep up with the demand. We now have a nice sized warehouse, and room for the kids to play. Which means that I get to use my kitchen for its intended purpose again!

And since I like to dream big, I would love to see Rockin’ Green be the new “Dreft” when it comes to baby laundry. Dreft is full of strong fragrances and chemicals. So I would love to see moms washing their baby clothes in something more natural and gentle for their baby!

7) Anything new or exciting you want to share?

Lots of things are happening here at Rockin’ Green. So where to start…Hard Rock is coming in less than 2 weeks now, and I am really excited to share that with our customers. I have been working on that particular formula for going on 8 months now. We are also juicing up our soft and classic rock to have more cleaning power and they will soon have “ammonia busting” technology. So look for that a few weeks after Hard Rock is launched. Oh, and our scent lineup is soon switching to 100% natural scents, which I know is really important to our clients. What else? We are also getting a makeover really soon, but I can’t tell you any more on that as it’s still top secret. J

8) What is your favorite scent?

It honestly changes based on my mood. My top 3 are cherry almond, mango sorbet and cherry lemonade. I like the fruity scents best.

9) What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I really like helping people, and it makes my day when I get an email from a customer telling me how much they love our soap. I actually keep every little love note and post it up on the bulletin board here at the office. I can be having the worst day, with a mile long to-do list and one little email from a customer saying “Thanks for helping me love my cloth diapers again” puts it all into perspective. I think there is nothing worse than making the commitment to go to cloth and then feeling like a failure when you can’t make it work. I have been there!

10) This product is spreading like wild fire through the cloth diapering community. Are you surprised at the response it is getting?

Yes, and no. I think that the soap rocks, and I give it to everyone that I know. I wouldn’t sell something that I didn’t love myself, so I believe in the stuff and know that others that try it will feel the same. And the cloth diaper community ROCKS! Seriously, there is not a nicer group of people in the world and I love how willing everyone is to help each other out. Our retailers are amazing, and I feel blessed to be working with so many great companies. I think that a huge part of the success of Rockin’ Green is because of our retailers.

That being said, it still boggles my mind how quickly we have grown. A year ago, I was making soap in a little pink bucket with a whisk. Now, we are making it 1,000 pounds at a time. And we will just keep cranking it out as long as you guys keep buying it!

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