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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Diaper Bag Dissection

Big or small, heavy or light, pink or blue, we all carry a diaper bag almost everywhere we go with our babies. But what should be in there? What’s considered essential and what’s just plain silly to lug around? If you have a tiny diaper bag, do you ever wonder what’s in those giant bags on other mommies’ shoulders? And on the other side, how do some moms travel with such a tiny bag, especially when cloth diapering??

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m going to dissect my own bag. Keep in mind that I have four kids, only one of whom is still in diapers.

First, when I’m going out for a couple of hours, say to church or a playdate, I like to carry two extra diapers. If it’s going to be longer, like maybe most of the day, I prefer to have four. I also add an extra prefold, pins, and cover just in case I go through the rest for some reason. Additionally, I have:

a disposable wipes case filled with four to five wet cloth wipes
hand sanitizer
diaper rash cream
a couple of dry, disposable wipes just in case I run out of the cloth ones
spare clothes for the baby
spare clothes for my daughter- you can never be too careful after all
a wet bag to hold all the diapers
a couple of toys
a little container of cheerios

Is all that necessary? No. The essentials in any diaper bag are simply wipes and diapers. With cloth, you also need to carry either a wet bag or a plastic bag to carry the dirty diapers home. Everything else is extra.

So what’s in your diaper bag? Anything you know you don’t need? Something you’re dying to share with other mommies to make their lives a little easier? Tell us!


Unknown said...

Let's see, my diaper bag tends to be the diaper bag and my purse. So, I have 2-4 diapers in there, some toys, container with flushable wipes (i make my own), spray for the wipes, two sposies just in case, my wallet, and usually a couple snacks for little one as well. Oh, and his sippy cup goes in the end pouch and the other end has a spare pen usually. If I remember it, there is a spare outfit for LJ as well. I end up with a larger bag like always. :)

Cecelia said...

Ha, mine is also my purse as well! 2-4 dipes, extra cover, wipes, extra snappi, change of clothes for babe, dry shirt for me, wetbag, a rattle/small toy, hand cream, cell phone, wallet, chapstick, and water bottle.

Cecelia said...

2-4 dipes, cover, change of clothes for her, dry shirt for me, snappi, wipes, wallet, phone, keys, pen, waterbottle, nursing cover, hand cream, and a small toy.

Maryanne said...

I've got a Skip-Hop Studio Tote & it's great- really roomy and loads of pockets. I stuff mine with 2 diapers (there's even an antimicrobial pocket in the tote!), 1 small wetbag, wipes, nursing cover, 2 nursing pads, burp cloth, change of clothes for baby, a couple of small toys for baby, a couple of small toys for my almost 4 year old, hand sanitizer, snacks, a 12oz Kleen Kanteen, 3 reusable shopping bags (the kind that rolls up like a tiny sleeping bag- I think they're called EnviroSax, if they're not in there I forget them!), travel-sized sunscreen, Neo-To-Go, lip balm, nail clippers, 2 Colgate Wisps (those little disposable toothbrushes), wallet, phone, keys..... it's cram-jammed with stuff, LOL!

Unknown said...

I've got a Diva diaper bag that I use when I'm going someplace for more than a couple of hours, then I carry everything possible with me (all the necessities plus pen and pad of paper, baby's change of clothes, bibs, burp cloths, etc. Otherwise, I just bring a mid-size Planet Wise wet/dry bag and put the dry diapers, wipes case, change mat, wallet, keys, and lip gloss in the front then put the dirty dipes in the back and I still only have to carry one thing. Plus it has a snap handle so I can hang it from the shopping cart handle, stroller, etc.

Jill said...

I only carry a diaper bag when we are visiting family/traveling. I don't 'go' anywhere else long enough to need anything, although we have put a GB cover and some disposable inserts into the back pocket of the car 'just in case'. When we do travel, I usually take diapers, wipes, wetbag, a toy of some sort, my essentials, plus babylegs and a tshirt. A spare binky, a couple of cough drops and a tampon or two linger in the inside pocket, you know, just in case. My TOP tip when you're going somewhere 'unknown' or where you aren't sure of what is going to happen, is to leave with your baby in, and also take a couple of double stuffed pocket diapers. Running late to a wedding? No problem, double stuffed diaper saves the day. (Our trips are usually more than 1.5 hours one way.) If we just head to the store (out of town-30 minutes or so) I toss a diaper and wipe into a small wetbag and leave it in the car for emergencies or if we run long getting groceries.