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Monday, January 18, 2010

A little less itchy

Ok, I just had to share in case there were other mommies out there dealing with little ones that suffer from eczema.  I have gotten excited before when I found new creams etc. that seemed to improve my son's skin, but this is the best thing to date!  Not to mention, ALL NATURAL.  Although I go to the same practice of pediatricians, some are old and some are new with very different medical advice for the treatment of this skin disease.  The latest and greatest was shared with me from one of the newer doctors in the practice that just graduated medical school two years ago.  She suggested that instead of cutting back on the amount of times that I bathe my little man, that I should actually be bathing him every night!  That the moisture from a 15-20 minute soak is what his skin needed.  Within a couple minutes of getting out, I was to lather him up with plain old vaseline and tuck him into 100% cotton pajamas.  She went on to say, that if that didn't do the trick, then I could even put him to bed with wet wrung out cotton p.j.'s and then a fleece sleep sack or blanket.  Luckily, I don't think I will have to do this.  I would just be too worried he would catch a chill.  I was skeptical but am very pleased with the results we are getting from our new routine.  I can already tell he seems less bothered by his itchy skin although he HATES the vaseline rub down part....but I can't blame him!  I guess this is a common condition in children and many of them outgrow it.  I am hoping that this is the case for my little boy.


Kristi26 said...

My son has eczema too and I've heard the more baths is better advice as well! LOL. My doctor also suggested the vaseline all over afterward. But I have an extra one for you. My doc said that applying the medication after the bath will actually help it absorb better! Can you believe it?? Hehe. Had to share that.

Cecelia said...

Glad I saw this as I comment on all the posts as part of the rockin green giveaway...I'll have to try this on DD! I wonder if olive oil works as well as vaseline? My doc rec's this for diaper rash since the OO has antiinflammatory properties!