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Monday, December 7, 2009

Carolina Sunshine

When we moved into our house, I never pictured using our backyard palm tree as a clothes line, but it works great. Every so often I find my diapers getting a little funky smelling, so I do this little routine and it makes them fresh as a daisy time after time. This funkiness can happen to diapers that have sat in a diaper pail for a few extra days or can be caused by a residue film from your washing machine and/or detergent. The smell is due to bacteria being trapped inside of the diapers. Additional measures of cleaning need to be addressed. If this is a chronic issue for your diapers and if they are leaking also, you may need to strip them (more info on this later). Depending on the level of funk, I do one or more of the following. First off I cut my load amount in half. For example, if I normally wash 16 diapers in my load, I will cut it down to only 8 per load. For a little funky, I wash my diapers as normal and add 1/2 cup baking soda (or 1/2 cup white vinegar - be careful in hard water), do an extra rinse cycle (or even two if you can still detect any odor), then take them outside in the sunshine to air dry. For funkier diapers, I like to use OxiClean (1-2 scoops) in my normal wash routine and do an extra rinse cycle (or two if needed...there should be no bubbles leftover). And, you guessed it...take them out in the sunshine to air dry. As a very LAST resort I have even used 1 cup of bleach in the same wash routine for the inserts and prefolds only. Got some stains or want to whiten up your diapers? You will be amazed at what some sunshine can do! Spray a little lemon juice on them and let that hot sun make any stains disappear. Although I love the fresh air scent on my diapers, I don't like how they become cardboard stiff, so I just throw them in the dryer to fluff up before using them on my little one.


Kristi26 said...

I wish we had a palm tree in our backyard to dry our diapers on! We don't have any trees at all back there. What a creative idea!

Megan P said...

This is just the info that I needed! Our diapers seem to have gotten 'funky'. I'm going to try these steps to get the funk out :)

Cecelia said...

I tinkered with the bleach, and found that 1/4 c still does the job-uses less and is easier to get out!