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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wilmington Hip Green Moms Playgroup

Welcome! Are you a mom that uses cloth diapers and/or wears their babies and looking to network with some other local Wilmington, North Carolina moms? If so, please join us to network, share tips, swap diapers and have some fun! Looking to start a monthly playgroup for babies and tots under the age of three.

My name is April and I own Wee Little Changes, an online boutique that sells cloth diapers and other organic baby products. It would be so nice to connect with other moms in the area instead of all online. I know I am not crazy for loving cloth diapers, but most of my friends in Wilmington can’t relate since they are still using disposables!
Need help or pointers? Ask here! Want to swap, sell or trade? Do it here! Are you a seasoned mom interested in supporting a new mom with cloth diapers and/or baby wearing? Maybe you've just never met another cloth-diapering or baby-wearing fan in real life?
Whatever the reason, I am sure you will find this group to be a hip group of mamas that are committed to providing healthy alternatives for their babies.
If you are interested in joining this playgroup or want more information, please see the following link.

1 comment:

Cecelia said...

Ooooo...I never thought of using meetup for something like this...I ought to get one going in St. Louis!