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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Green for Baby in Wilmington NC

Calling all parents or soon to be parents in the Wilmington, North Carolina area!  Where are you?  I know you are there...I am just not sure how to reach you.  I am so excited to share cloth diapers with some other moms (and dads) in the area but everyone is being shy!  In an effort to get the word out, we will be offering a monthly informational session at the library (Northeast Branch off of Military Cutoff).  Topics to be covered will be:

  • Benefits of using cloth vs. disposables
  • Overview of some popular diapering methods
  • How to use and care for cloth diapers
  • Cost comparison of cloth vs. disposables
  • Getting started with cloth for any age baby
  • Opportunity to see, touch and feel diapers 
Please join us to receive lots of information, handouts and have your questions answered.  Products will not be sold at the workshop, this is an informational only class.  The workshop is FREE and very casual, all you have to do is email us and show up!  The next session will be held on Nov. 9th...please check our calendar for upcoming dates.  


Ally said...

I'm happy I found your site! I live in Jacksonville so Wilmington isnt too far away. =)

April said...

Yeah! It's nice to hear from you Ally! Hope to meet you... we are forming a playgroup if you might be interested.

Unknown said...

I live in SC & wish I could find a cloth diapering store nearby. It would help to see and feel all the different dipes.

Cecelia said...

Cool idea...I live in St. Louis and can go to CottonBabies to a class of theirs, but this is an awesome opportunity for those who don't live so close to Mecca!