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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wet Bags not just for cloth diapers!

Ever heard of a wet bag? A popular accessory used by parents that use cloth diapers, but a must have for every diaper bag (regardless of your diaper preference)! It is usually made of a cotton fabric on the outside with a water-resistant material on the inside. It's uses are endless. Not just for the baby years either, you can use it for wet swimsuits, laundry, cosmetics etc.

A wet bag is a must have if you are planning to use cloth diapers. It never fails, you are away from home and the dreaded blowout occurs. You wonder if the diaper was successful at catching anything, because there is poopie everywhere. How this happens is still a mystery to me...? Having three babies, this has happened more times than I can count on two hands. One time in particular sticks out in my mind. I remember this happening with my third baby, and yes, you would think I would have been more prepared but... I was out shopping with my newbie and had to be at the preschool for my son's special performance by 11. The blowout happened at exactly 10:50 (and I was 10 minutes from preschool). Somehow I was short a diaper not to mention a clean set of clothes, but I did have some wipes! Long story short, I wiped him down best I could and headed home. I was late for preschool and missed my son's performance. He didn't know but I felt horrible. Moral of the story is, stock your diaper bag every night and always be prepared for the dreaded blowout. Take being prepared one step further and add a wet bag to your diapering tools. The beauty of the wet bag is that you can throw everything (including the bag) into the washer as soon as you get home - easy cleanup. Check out our designer ones by Itzy Ritzy - they are the perfect size. Happy diapering!

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Cecelia said...

We learned that as well..nothing quite so embarassing as being out in public and having to call DH from the bathroom to go ask for a bag from the checkout for the toxic transport...not that I have done this...